Bringing Spaces To Life

We all know the feeling: it’s a Saturday night at your favorite local spot, the gal at the microphone starts to sing and the crowd erupts, or the DJ drops the beat and makes you feel the thump of the bass in your chest. The truth is, live music brings spaces to life. And it's what wakes us up everyday excited to build Cadenzo.

The word Cadenzo comes from an Italian word that indicates the end of a musical phrase and the beginning of a new one. We're excited for you to join us as we build this new phrase for venues and artists.

Our Story

Flashback to 2020 - live entertainment (along with the rest of the world) shut down. As college students, co-founders Andres, Troy, and Marc decided to dig into how they could help the industry bounce back.

In the summer of 2021, Troy caught wind of how much venues and artists hated booking shows. For the next 3 months, Andres and Marc went undercover as booking agents and emailed/DMed hundreds of artists and venues and ended up booking over 20 shows. What they realized was that there HAD to be an easier way, so they built it!

2 years after first shaking hands on campus, they have interviewed hundreds of artists and venues, participated in 2 nationally recognized accelerators, raised over $100,000.

Meet the Founders

Marc LaManque

Co-Founder, CEO

Marc is a life-long musician passionate about helping those on the front-lines of the entertainment industry thrive. When he is not working on Cadenzo, catch him making sourdough, singing/playing piano, or trying to find the best bottle of wine under $15.

Andres Gonzalez

Co-Founder, COO

Andres is the brains of the Cadenzo operation. He can take any idea and map out every detail of how to attack it in minutes. He loves to make spreadsheets for soccer betting, finding niche band t-shirts, and startup twitter.

Troy Smith

Co-Founder, CTO

Troy is Cadenzo's techie. There is truly nothing his brain and fingers can't build with code. Outside of Cadenzo, Troy can be found learning all the nuances of history, planning his next trip to a new continent, and drinking a lot of coffee.