4 Tips To Up Your Streaming Game

March 1, 2022

Whether we like it or not, streaming has become a massive part of what it means to be an artist these days. And while streaming platforms have many downsides (i.e. how they pay artists), they are excellent tools to get your music out into the world and into the hands of your fans and potential fans. In this Cadenzo Chronicle we are going to dive into how to up your streaming game, specifically with Spotify.

Tip 1: Complete Your Profile, No Really

While this may seem obvious, many artists have an incomplete profile and are missing out on the full power of Spotify. First things first, use high quality, unique images for album artwork. We see lots of artists that have one or neither of these, but you need both. It's never been easier to have a high quality image, grab your friend with a camera or just use your phone and make sure you have great lighting. Then, get creative; how can you represent the song or album through the photo? Or, how can you contrast it? Or, how can you simply just draw attention to it. We have even seen an artist wrap themselves in foil. Once you’ve got it, commit!

You will also want to make sure your bio is completely filled out. This is a great way to show off how you describe your music and your career. This is an important step many artists forget, but really helps when trying to book shows and ultimately market them once you secure a spot.

Lastly, if you have upcoming shows put them on Spotify! If you have fans tuning into you regularly, they will see your upcoming shows and that is free publicity to get the word out about you and your music. 

Tip 2: Make Playlists

Yes, playlists go viral! And the more steam a playlist picks up, the more Spotify’s algorithm will promote it and ultimately, you. We all have playlists Spotify suggested or that we happened upon, and they are a jackpot when finding new music and artists. So use this to YOUR advantage. The first thing to do is create playlists and time them with your releases, so people can listen to your most relevant work. Also, make sure you add artists that are similar to you with more and less followers/listeners than you. This will help you with the algorithm. Last but not least, put the most popular / your favorite songs at the start of the playlist! Just how your 4th grade teacher always told you to start with an attention grabber, so goes your playlists. When people scroll through or even start your playlist, you want to grab them to keep listening. 

Tip 3: Build Momentum For Releases

Making your releases a big deal is a big deal! You didn’t put in all that hard work just to release to an audience of 0. Give yourself 3-4 weeks to properly promote your new music. If it’s an album, release singles and promote your new playlist as a tease to what your fans might expect. If it’s a song, post album artwork, your inspiration, sneak peaks of the tracks, or a vlog of how the song came together. Be sure to be consistent and post 2-3 times a week with stories, links, videos, etc. Finally, make sure you are asking your friends, family, and fans to pre-save your song / album. This is another great way to make the Spotify algorithm work for you!

Tip 4: Dive Into the Data

I know, I know. Data sucks. It sucks to gather and it sucks to analyze. But it can also be a major key in unlocking your success and continued growth. And luckily, deriving your music data from Spotify for Artists is pretty easy. The biggest metrics to watch are # of followers and # of monthly listeners. If you are overwhelmed by the data of it all, use those 2 metrics as your stepping stone, then you can start diving into location of listeners, saves, and demographics. From here, you can make decisions about what music is resonating with your listeners, when to release, how often to release, where your next show should be, etc. Once you start using the data to your advantage, Spotify’s algorithm will only help get you exposure!

In Summary

Streaming can be a beast to conquer. But just like anything, take it one step at a time and it can be a massive tool for growth in listeners, booking shows, and growing your audience beyond your hometown. Start with your profile, make some playlists, start to build your momentum, and make decisions based on the data and you will be on your way. We can’t wait to check out what you create!