Local Venues and Artists, What's the Big Deal?

February 7, 2022

Why Local Venues and Artists Matter To Your Town

If your time these past two years have been anything like ours, music has been crucial to your survival! New music from our favorite artists and niche playlists from people across the world have kept us sane and centered (well, kind of!) in these crazy times. And as we slowly recover from the effects of a pandemic, we are also slowly remembering the impact of live music in our lives. Whether it’s the local red-dirt country artist on a Friday night paired with your PBR or the Sax player that makes your dinner date that much more romantic, live music not only brings you listening pleasure, but is great for the local economy and crucial to the culture of a city. In this Cadenzo Chronicle, we are going to dive into how local venues and artists are economically beneficial, how they amplify our spaces, and how they can help us as we relearn how to be social in the places we live and visit.

Economic Benefit of Live Music

You may have never thought of your local music scene’s impact on your economy. But that small venue down the street is a bigger economic engine than you think. Live music guarantees authentic experiences that locals and travelers alike are willing to spend a lot of money on. And they certainly spend a lot! Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma the music economy generates a whopping $335 million economic impact. Even if a show is free, music draws crowds looking for a good time. And those crowds buy food, drinks, and merch that directly benefit the venue, the performer, and ultimately you!

Amplifying Our Spaces

Live music always feels like a special occasion. You know the moment, whether it's getting ready for your favorite band rolling through town, or it's the gal with the guitar getting up to the microphone at a bar, live music gets us excited and quickly takes any moment to the next level. Why? Because music helps us step out of the craziness of our lives and gently forces us to be present. The intimate moments we share with a performer whether it's a note they hit or a lyric they sing are felt so much deeper when they are shared in person. Live performance truly amplifies any night or space. 

Relearning to be Social

At live shows strangers become friends, spirits (both literal and theoretical) are raised, self-esteem is boosted, and at some, serious calories are burned. Ultimately, the human need for social interaction is fulfilled through live music. With multiple venues hosting multiple genres of music, a person or group can find a home or a number of homes to celebrate, dance, sing, or just listen. As we begin to enter (knock on wood) a post-pandemic world, we anticipate live music will be crucial to rebuilding and relearning how to be together again. 

The Road Ahead

Your local artists and venues contribute so much to the place you call home! They provide economic impact, and are core to the social and emotional culture of a place. In a social world recovering from the lockdowns, we believe live music will be at the forefront of restoring the life we once knew. At Cadenzo, we understand the value and importance of this and are committed to helping both artists and venues not just survive, but thrive in a post pandemic world. We will see you out there!

P.S. Looking to support a local artist? Buy their merch! Purchasing a $25 hat from an artist is the same as streaming their music 6,000 times!